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The first technology-agnostic, cloud-based, machine learning platform for prefab from design through manufacturing to delivery and installation, saving time and eliminating human error in the sometimes long, always complex construction process.

from software silos to a single source of truth 

Empowers industry standard software.
Improves decision making. provides complete clarity.


  • Accepts any design from any software

  • Made-to-order made easy

  • Pre-con including pricing

  • Experience space in VR before its built


  • Engineering accurate 3D model

  • Delivers 3D models in minutes instead of days


  • Collects and manages all project data

  • Up to minute tracking

  • Onsite installation

Echo in action

Testimonials from Echo users in the field.

Falkbuilt_HQ_Factory Large View.jpg

Echo helps me sleep at night.

Jesse van Mastrigt,
Manufacturer, Calgary

Take control of the process

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Fast + accurate
pricing + pre-con 

Echo accepts made-to-order designs from any design software and delivers a 3D model for manufacturing in minutes instead of hours, or days.

Live-linked instant design changes

Echo gathers stakeholders from around the world inside their Revit model (on their phones or mobile device) to discuss the design and make live changes.


Quality assurance from concept to completion

Project managers can check pricing + show the client exactly where their project is in production, to the minute.

Easy access onsite 
+ beyond 

All the data you need for a successful installation + follow up is at your fingertips.

Exploding_Autodesk_IllustrativeHand copy 3.gif

Echo in action:
Falkbuilt Case Study

Falkbuilt, a global digital component construction company with over 1000 Echo users, solves myriad challenges facing the global construction industry including: cost, speed of construction, sustainability, cumbersome and complex decision-making, material and labour shortages, supply chain issues and design response. See how they put it into action.


Easy set up 
fast scalability

Contact echo for technical information and partnership opportunities

Thanks for your interest in echo!

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