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innovation without disruption

Echo is led by tech entrepreneur Barrie Loberg, one of Fast Company’s Top 100 Most Creative Business People (2017).  An information systems expert, Loberg led the implementation of original and revolutionary technologies at Evans Consoles in Calgary. 


In 2004, he co-founded DIRTT Environmental Solutions where he created ICE, the world’s first digital platform that blends a video game experience with live-data for accurate pricing, engineering and manufacturing, as well as construction on the job site. 


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about us

For Echo, Loberg assembled a global team of UX designers, neural network experts and developers. Rather than re-inventing any wheels, the high-powered team has fulfilled the mission to develop a technology -agnostic platform that allows users to leverage their industry standard software in the cloud, connecting hitherto disparate technologies and optimizing workflows. 


With applications in offsite construction, or any sector that requires design, manufacturing and delivery, Echo is entertaining discussions with potential strategic partners that have proven expertise in licensing software and aggressive growth objectives.

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